Philippines overview

Philippines Travel Guide
Consisting of 7,107 islands, the Philippines are well-known for its hospitable people and many festivities. With the Spanish influence still strongly evident on its customs and traditions, many tourists describe the country as the ‘Latin America of Asia'. The country’s capital city, Manila, is a noisy, polluted and overcrowded metropolis – yet very amiable, multinational, lively and exciting. For tourists looking for a nice break from bustling cities, be sure to visit Baguio. The mountain-top city of Baguio, just six hours away from the capital, has a cool climate that is quite strange for a tropical country. Also, you will surely miss half of your life if you fail to visit the country’s azure beaches. Whether it's the exotic El Nido in Palawan, the relaxing Panglao in Bohol or the world famous Boracay in Aklan, the Philippines has a beach that will suit your style, budget and personality.